Ergonomic and Automated Assembly Equipment

Custom Design-Build, Turnkey Integration, Modifications, and Repurpose of custom line-side equipment for assembly lines. 

For the past 25 years we have been providing custom assembly equipment to OEMs across North America. Each of our designs are custom-tailored to the specific part, conveyance, and OEM standards. Each piece of equipment undergoes FEA to optimize strength and reliability in order to eliminate downtime due to equipment failure.

Recent Projects

automated install assist for automotive manufacturing

Fuel Tank Install Assist

Features: Automated Pick and Transfer over the Chassis Line, Vacuum Suction Cups, Overhead Railing System, Automated Process with Safety/Control Switch with Operator who fastens Fuel Tank

design of carbon fiber raku seat

Carbon Fiber Raku Seat

Features: Lightweight Telescoping/Swing Raku Arm for entrance between B&C Pillar. This specific piece of equipment was used on a Paint Line. Composite Material allows for more mechanical movement and less equipment driven because an operator can easily move around with their own strength

Moon Roof Leveller

Features: Integrated Telescoping Raku Seat, Caters to multiple vehicle models, Semi-Automated, Line Syncing, Auto Return

Raku Seat

Features: Floor Mounted, Compact Swing Arm, Line Sync, Auto-return

Headliner Install Tool 

Features: Auto-return, Semi-Automated, Caters to Multiple Headliner Types

turnkey supply of neutral balanced lift assist

Neutral Buoyant Lift Assist

Neutral Buoyant/Floating Lift Assist with Custom EOAT for specific parts. Examples: Doors On/Off, Wheel Install, 2nd Row Seating, 3rd Row Seating, etc. 

Pictured above: Lift assist used for 3rd Row Seat Install. 

Moon Roof Leveler Rebuild with Carbon Fiber Check Jig

Features: Replacement Part of existing leveller to adhere to new model dimensions, clearances, and parts. 

Custom Carbon Fiber Check Jig to confirm tolerances. Lightweight material allowed the process to be done by one operator instead of two; saving non-value added labour

design and supply of automotive manveyor

Moving Platform

Features: Vehicle Syncing/Raising Platform for ergonomic access when installing roof rail and performing overhead work

moon roof leveler and raku seat for automotive manufacturing

Moon Roof Leveler

Features: Semi-Automated Overhead Moon Roof Leveler with Integrated C-shape Raku Seat

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