Richard Hammond on Taipei 101's Tuned Mass Damper

TV Personality Richard Hammond, explains why the Tuned Mass Damper is needed, what it does, and how it behaves. Pow assisted RWDI, the Canadian engineering firm who designed and built the system, by performing structural and fatigue modeling of the steel structure connecting the 1,000,000 lbs damper to Taipei 101’s Building Structure.

Another video of a Tuned Mass Damper in NYC that we were involved in:

Ergonomic Chairs in Tesla

Pow Specialty Equipment has supplied over 80 Custom Ergo Chairs or also known as “Raku” and “Happy Seats” to Automotive Plants across North America. Our custom designs are tailored to the exact needs of our clients and their workforce. Ergonomic Chairs have been found to greatly reduce awkward body movements which lead to Musculoskeletal Disorders on line workers. This can have a positive impact on a workers life, and lead to cost-savings for an OEM.

The link below, is an article by Tesla on how POWs Ergo Seat has helped on the shop floor, and other pursuits of Preventative Safety they are taking.

Rick Mercer and Jann Arden on the CN Tower Edgewalk

Canadian TV personality Rick Mercer, has checked out a couple of our projects now. In this video, you get to see Rick and Jann Arden (Canadian Actor/Singer) go on the CN Tower’s Edgewalk. Pow Specialty Equipment undertook the design and build of the dual-rail fall arrest rail and trolley system, and launch area on the Edgewalk used by all the souls who exit the tower at 356 m.  If you get  a chance to talk to someone from Pow who worked on the project, ask them about going to the top of the tower to perform the initial measurements!

Rick Mercer in the Wind Tunnel

In this video, you’ll get to see Rick Mercer again, but this time in RWDI’s Wind Tunnel. Using schematic design specifications provided by RWDI and Aiolos, Pow performed a turnkey solution including the design, fabrication and installation of all components in the two Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels.  The Multi-Disciplined project included: PLC Controlled Testing and Safety System, 12 and 24 Ft Servo Rotating/Elevating Test Turntables, 24 Servo Adjusting Flaps and Spires, 500 Hp Servo Controlled Fan Testing System, CLT and Steel Structure, Precision Formed Turning Vanes, Precision Formed Contraction/Expansions, Acoustic Baffles and Heat Exchanger, and all civil elements.

U2's 360 Tour Concert Stage

This was an interesting multi-disciplined engineering project performed for LiveNation/U2. Our role was to complete a design review, analysis and inspection of the stage system for the U2 360 tour in Canada using our knowledge of European/USA/Canadian standards.   The stage system’s prime designer was a British firm, Atelier One.  The stage included a complex system of structural and mechanical hoisting elements all suspended above people during the concerts.   In the video, you get to see the concert stage assembled, and in action!

Snow Removal Trailer

This is a video of the tow plow snow removal trailers manufactured by Viking Cives.  Pow Technologies worked with Viking Cives’ research and development team by providing our expertise in design, motion simulation and field testing for the towplow’s development and prototyping prior to manufacturing.  Our firm has strong roots in the Mobile Equipment and Transportation Equipment field where knowledge of structures, dynamics and mechanical systems are all combined.

St Anne Church Spire Restoration

After many years, the Church Spire of St. Anne’s Church in Tecumseh, On. was placed back in it’s original location. The restoration project was performed by our sister company Allan Avis Architects with our engineers in Pow Peterman & Associates providing the structural expertise. 

Read the news article below:

Jail and Courthouse Restoration

This project was privately funded from a private person interested with the history of the Jail Building. The project involved the reinstatement of two existing chimneys and columns that were removed back in the 1950’s during a renovation project. The columns have a tremendous number of special shaped brick units, which had to be hand made by the contractor (Roof Tile Management Inc.) 

Read the news article below:

This page highlights some examples taken from the internet. These videos include projects that The Pow Group has been involved in.