Manufacturing Structures & Equipment

Pow Specialty Equipment focuses on Custom Equipment, Structures, and Manufacturing Processes for OEMs. Our core competency is the Design, Build and Analysis of Dynamically Loaded Equipment and Structures. These capabilities have been developed through 25+ years of evaluating fatigue failures of various equipment and structures found in OEM Plants that see the highest cyclical loading profiles.  We have extensive experience with the Toyota Production System and other assembly processes, this provides us with insight that helps improve an assembly line.




General Dynamics

John Deere

Sandvik Mining



General Motors



We offer a range of solutions, from the Design-Build of Custom Equipment and Structures, to a full Turnkey Integrated Solution for a line or pitch.

Custom Equipment Include but are not limited to: Material Handling, Parts Delivery, Install and Lift Assists, Install Platforms, Custom Processes, Ergonomic (Raku) Seats, and Roof Window Install/Levelers. All equipment we build is custom designed for the customer’s requirements.

We work with OEM’s to identify tasks that have a higher chance of creating Musculoskeletal Disorders on Line Workers. We look for ways of eliminating risks with capital equipment. Ergonomic Intervention has proven to reduce indirect costs on a company.

We Design, Detail, and Supply Overhead or Floor Supported Steel. We have been involved in projects that require 1,000,000+ lbs of steel to be installed in a plant across the continent. Our technologies and agile approach allow a great understanding of site conditions and the ability to quickly respond to changes or new information throughout a project.